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2020 Wedding Cake Trends – My Thoughts For The Year Ahead

Well, I don’t know about you but my 2019 flew past in a beautiful and creative blink of an eye. I’ve been meaning to write another blog post for you (for some time!), but artistic cakes, running the business, and day-to-day life became priority. Looking back on the last twelve months got me thinking about the year ahead. In particular, all the elegant and floral wedding cake dreams I’ll be proud to bring to life. With that in mind, I decided what better time to write you a ‘2020 Wedding Cake Trends’ post. Keep reading to see my thoughts, ideas, and insight on what the year ahead will mean in the world of cake artistry.


In recent years we’ve seen a more nature inspired feel coming through in cake design. It definitely looks set to continue in 2020 wedding cake trends, with a strong natural influence adding interest through texture. Think aged and distressed stone-like cake surfaces, and the tactile textures of trees and plants.

Textures will also reflect the delicate fabrics used in dressmaking. A sheer, light feel will be created – and designs will have a sense of soft movement. Layering will be used, with different materials and textures, and there may be a touch of subtle feathers. The overall appearance feeling like art in cake form (is there any better kind of art?).


The 2020 Pantone colour of the year was named as Classic Blue. Whilst it’s not an obvious choice for a wedding cake, I think it will feature in various elements of cake design. Blue flowers, for example, will prove a popular addition.

Pastel and dusky pinks will always be a welcomed choice for weddings, but more brides are now choosing unusual colours and stepping away from the norm. Nature will, once again, provide a beautiful influence for palettes. Picture colours inspired by wildflower meadows.

Green and white are a timeless combination, and every year we see different ways of using the pairing in cake artistry. 2020 will be the year of green foliage on white, textured cakes. Foliage will be ‘wilder’, with a rise in popularity of options such as ferns and ruscus. These less typical choices might even overtake the ever-popular eucalyptus.


Sugar flowers continue to be a firm favourite in 2020 wedding cake trends (which fills me with passion!). With a focus on realistic, delicate, and artistic additions to cakes. There will be less structured, somewhat contrived, floral designs – and more organic, wilder, flower placements.

Of course, the additional bonus of featuring sugar flowers in your cake design is the wonderful keepsake they make, when stored correctly, after the wedding.

Painted cakes (in particular – watercolour painted cakes), are enchantingly unique. In recent years the style has risen high on brides’ wish lists and I don’t see the technique disappearing any time soon. In keeping with the romantic and elegant feel created by the other 2020 wedding cake trends, I see painted designs focusing on pretty and delicate details.

I also think there will be a movement away from different designs per tier. We will see more designs featuring matching tiers coming through. This, again, sits alongside the other trends with an elegant and effortless feel. It’s about natural beauty, subtly embracing the romance of the wild, and not needing to ‘try too hard’ to produce wonderful displays (which, ironically, takes a lot of time, experience, and careful artistry to create in cake design!).

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I can’t write a blog post all about 2020 wedding cake trends without mentioning flavours. As much as I’m passionate about elegant, romantic and floral cake artistry, I’m fascinated to see how tastes evolve and flavour profiles emerge over time.

Seasonal flavour choices are still very popular, but there is a rise in more creative pairings. In particular, interesting combinations of fruit and botanicals – such as orange and thyme (yum!).

Last, but not least, with more and more couples seeking eco conscious options in their daily routine, it’s no wonder the lifestyle choice is also influencing weddings. Veganism is more popular than ever, and I’m certain 2020 will see more vegan wedding cake options on the table.

So, there we have it – my thoughts, ideas, and insight for 2020 wedding cake trends. I hope it’s given you some food for thought (pun intended!) and I can’t wait to see what inspiring creations the year will bring.

If you’re now picturing your own elegant, romantic, and artistic wedding cake, and you would like my help making your vision a reality, I would love to hear from you. Please do email me at and we can arrange a tasting session to discuss your ideas.