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Have your cake and eat it – my top tips on cake flavours!

I’m a massive fan of good honest food. I have carefully handpicked ingredients which I’m proud to use in Botanico cakes. I truly believe that for a great cake result you need to use incredible ingredients. Organic butter, milk and eggs are non-negotiable in my book. Who wants cake with hormones and chemicals? Not for me, thank you! I also use organic Fairtrade cocoa and a number of other carefully picked ingredients.

Butter, sugar, eggs and flour. 4 main ingredients are all you need for a simple but delicious cake. Cake is a perishable product which is best eaten on the day it’s made for, but if you do have leftovers (I’m firmly in the ‘what are leftovers?’ camp by the way!) then try and finish these within a couple of days. Shop bought cakes generally last a lot longer – mainly down to all the additives and preservatives that are within them. I’m not even sure that with the list of ingredients on some of them, they should even qualify as being called cake! So needless to say, I will never use any unnecessary extras in our cakes and that’s something I’ll always stand by (mini salute!)

So with the all important ingredients bit out the way, I must say that cake flavour and texture is a really personal thing. We all have our own ideas of how things should be and the ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t cut it here. So with that in mind, the cake flavours you will see on my ’taste’ menu, are my personal favourites and taste how I think they should. I have definitely had a lot of cake eating experience so like to think of myself as well qualified to say!  I’m passionate about flavour and different combinations and love to try different things, so if you don’t see your favourite in my ’Taste’ menu then please just ask and we can look to create something that’s perfect for you.

I’m currently working on a passion fruit and white chocolate cake recipe to add to my list – it’s not quite there yet but i’m having a great time working on perfecting it and eating the results (must find stretchy waistband jeans!) It’s a tough job, but someones got to do it. It goes without saying, quality control is so important! Thank goodness I enjoy running and yoga  –  it’s all about a balance right? I may eat lots of cake but at least its chemical free, so technically healthy, right?