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The artist: Based in Surrey, UK, Naomi is a self taught multimedia cake artist. She is passionate about art, food and the beauty she finds in nature. Naomi has an extensive background in Art and Design, with specialism in Fine Art. Born to a textile designer mother in London, Naomi’s love of all things creative started from an early age. Cake didn’t feature very much at all in her early years, but when she was in her teens she discovered her natural talent for baking. After becoming a mother herself, she successfully turned her passion into a business and has since built up a solid reputation for delectable cakes which are presented in the form of the most refined piece of artwork.


            The style: A beautiful marriage between art and cake. Naomi creates elegant, romantic and artistic designs which are rich in texture and intricate floral artistry. Hand painting and relief work also feature often. She is fascinated by the use of different tools and materials to create depth, add interest and to ensure total originality in her designs.  Naomi is very much inspired by the natural world and these elements run strongly throughout her designs. The type of cake one dreams of can be brought to life. Realistic sugar flowers become magical and enchanting floral displays to enthuse the imagination and captivate the senses.

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Hi, I 'm Naomi

I’m a self taught creative cake artist and sugar florist , based in Surrey. I am passionate about art, food and the beauty I see in nature. I have an extensive background in Art and Design, with a specialism in Fine Art.

I was born in London to my textile designer mother. From an early age my mum always encouraged my creativity, but cake didn’t feature very much at all in my early years. When I was in my teens, I discovered I also had a natural talent for baking. I’d spend the weekends baking and loved creating new recipes. After I became a mother myself (to two gorgeous and equally creative small people!) I decided to turn my passion into a business and have loved my job ever since. I’m a real perfectionist who takes the utmost care in making sure I create cakes that my clients love as much as I do.

Tailored lessons

Come and join Naomi for a day to learn her methods. Held in her home based Surrey kitchen, this session is flexible and will be fully tailored to what you would like to achieve. To enquire, please email Naomi via our contact page.

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